Constructing Circle Graphs

While most students do not have a problem interpreting circle graphs, constructing one is a bit more of a challenge. There are many sets of data that could be used in the construction of one of these graphs. This table shows the population of the earth by continent, as of 2013, and is a good candidatefor turning into a circle graph.
Continent Population (in millions)
Asia 4,140
Africa 995
Europe 739
North America 529
South America 386
Oceania 36

A number of math skills are needed to construct this graph:

  1. Find the total population.
  2. Divide to find the percentage for each continent.
  3. Multiply each by 360 to find the number of degrees in each sector.
  4. Use a compass to draw a circle.
  5. Use a protractor to draw in each sector.
  6. Label each sector.