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Fraction Games

These math fraction games contain explanatory and simple games on topics such as decimal to fraction conversion and fraction numbers. As students develop their intuitive abilities and move from one stage to another, introduction of the math fraction games will enable those pupils in the 4th grade to know more of what they’re learning about fractions.

These games are designed to help students to convert decimals to fractions and also equip them with the pre-requisite skills to work with fractions.

We provides fun games for students and ensure they understand the details of the lessons without issues. It is an exciting opportunity for students to learn fractions with these innovative games as the games are straightforward.

Ariel Fraction Game 1

Ariel Fraction Game 2

Equivalent Fractions Game

Aladdin Fraction Game

Flipping Pancakes Fractions

Order’s up! Flip up some flapjacks and learn about fractions in this fast-paced diner game. Kids must flip a certain number of pancakes, depending on the fraction shown, before they get delivered to everyone’s favorite feline, Roly. Utilizing the “shading parts” strategy in an interactive way, this game helps kids understand fractions in a fun, concrete way.

Worm Sandwich Fractions

Get your worm hoagies! Birdee and her feathered friends get wiggly, squiggly sandwiches divided up in equal shares in this food truck game. Kids correctly identify simple fractions to help Chef Cuz-Cuz create enough shares for every hungry customer. Great for visual learners, this game helps kids understand fractions as parts of a whole in an engaging way.

Simplifying Fractions Soccer Game

Have fun playing this interactive online Simplifying Fractions Soccer Game. Solve the math problem and get a chance to kick the soccer ball to try to give your “team” a goal.

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