Game Coding – C++ Classes

These classes are graduated versions of the regular C++ classes, and are called UCLASS. A UCLASS is just a C++ class with a whole lot of UE4 macro decoration on top. The macros generate additional C++ header code that enables integration with the UE4 Editor itself.

Using UCLASS is a great practice. The UCLASS macro, if configured correctly, can possibly make your UCLASS Blueprintable. The advantage of making your UCLASS Blueprintable is that it can enable your custom C++ objects to have Blueprints visually editable properties (UPROPERTY) with handy UI widgets such as text fields, sliders, and model selection boxes.
You can also have functions (UFUNCTION) that are callable from within a Blueprints diagram. Code generated by the UCLASS macro will be located in a ClassName.generated.h file, which will be the last #include required in your UCLASS header file, ClassName.h.