Game Coding – Unreal Engine 4 Video Textures

Create a new folder, call it “movies”. Drag the movie file inside the newly created folder. Right click in Content Browser, select “Media”, “Media Player”. check “Video Output Media Texture Asset” to create a texture from this Media Player Now I have the movie file, the media player and the corresponding texture. Let’s connect the movie with Media Player. Double-click Media Player, in the new window select the movie . The texture is filled, ready to be used. Drag the texture on the wall, a new material is created, based on this texture. Let’s play the project. The movie is not yet playing on the wall. We need to create a program, a blueprint to start the movie player, a level blueprint. Create a variable, type Media Player. Compile the blueprint. Select the value for the variable. Right-click create a new event BeginPlay. Drag the variable near the event. Search for Open Source node and create one. Connecting the event with the open source node will play the movie when the project will start. Select the movie file in the media source field. Play the project . The movie is playing but its size is not matching the wall. Resize the wall, but still no success. The reason are the UV coordinates of the wall. Create new object, a plane and apply the movie on it. Resize, rotate and position the plane. Drag the movie material on it. The plane must be resized and rotated again. Play the project and the movie its playing fine on the plane.