Ratios and Probability

Suppose the probability that a basketball player makes a basket from the free throw line is 0.75. Since the decimal 0.75 means seventy-five
hundredths, the probability can also be expressed as the ratio
This means that the player makes a free throw 75 out of 100 times. In
this lab, you will explore ratios and probability.

A player makes a basket every 50 out of 80 times. What is the probability that he will make a basket on his next attempt? Express the probability as a decimal.

One way to determine whether two ratios form a proportion is to find their If the cross products of two ratios are equal, then the ratios form a proportion.

Advertising According to an advertisement for Brand X toothpaste, 8 out of 10 dentists prefer Brand X. There are 150 dentists in a certain city.
Predict how many of them prefer Brand X.

Number Sense A number multiplied by itself is 676. What is the number?

School At the Science Festival’s bridge-building competition, Juliet came in second, and Daniel finished behind Pedro. Keela finished ahead of Pedro, and Reynelda won first place. In what order did they finish?

Recreation Robin purchased a tent for camping. Each side of the four sides of the tent needs 3 stakes to secure properly to the ground. How many stakes should there be in the box?

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