Ratios and Rates

The table shows the cards in a card
game. Notice that 24 out of the 108
cards are yellow.

Heart 24
Yellow 24
Purple 24
Green 24
Wild Draw 10
Extra Cards 2

You can compare these two numbers
by using a ratio. Recall that the ratio
that compares 24 to 108 can be
written in several ways.
24 to 108
24 out of 108
\(\frac{24}{108} \)
A common way to express a ratio
is as a fraction in simplest form.

So, \(\frac{2}{9}\) of the cards are yellow.
The ratio can also be expressed as 2 to 9, 2:9, or 2 out of 9.

If the two quantities that you are comparing have different units of
measure, the ratio is called a rate. For example \(\frac{180 miles}{3 hours}\) compares the
number of miles traveled to the number of hours the trip took.