Unreal Engine Alembic Hair

Unreal Engine Groom creation from Daz non-Dforce Hair

Find a Daz Dforce strand based hair ,I will use Lea hair for G8 females

File – export , save as type obj, To 3dsmax, scale100, open 3dsmax ,Import the created obj file

First try , wrong try !

Preset Daz studio, Geometry Shapes/lines, Uncheck flip ZY axis, Now i have 2 splines and 2 meshes

Delete the tail mesh, don’t need it for the next step, select one spline and click on modify tab, scroll to attach button and click it, click on the second spline object , now we have a single spline object

Click again on the attach button to deactivate the attach operation, select the spline object, and in the menu: ornatrix, add hair, click on Hair from Curves and Create, in the modifier stack select Ox Guides from Shape

Increase the number of points to get better curves, now select the second modifier, click on the Base surface button and select the mesh object , this object will be the base for the hair strands

Click on the next button (roots detached) to attach the strands roots to the mesh, these two buttons must be grayed now

Add Ox strand multiplier modifier. to increase the number of strands increase the count number

We have some problems with the hair strands distribution so we delete now the multiplier modifier and add the Ox hair from guides to modify the hair strands distribution

Choose a better root distribution, the strands are too wide so we use the Ox change width modifier to decrease the strands width

Add again the multiplier modifier, increase the copies-count number foe more strands, increase the fluff root and the spread root for better distribution

The tail is not affected by our last modifiers so we move down one level the hair from guides modifier, search a better distribution in the hair from guides modifier, and increase again the fluff root and the spread root

Export as ornatrix alembic file, export all hair objects, no animation

Now in Unreal Engine, we use the Metahumans project, Turntable level

Create a new folder for the new groom file, import the ornatrix alembic file, save the created groom file

Double click on it to make some modifications, check enable simulation and save, select one metahuman character

Select the hair component and replace the groom asset with the new groom object , the metahuman character has a new hair groom